executive team

Director of Operations:

Red Byer has over a decade of hands-on experience in the design, tooling and manufacture of OEM laser systems. One of the chief architects behind Mobius' laser technologies, Byer was also lead developer of the GUI featured in each system. Byer's many achievements include leading the build-out of Mobius' headquarters and deploying the company's IT foundation. He holds a B.S. in product design and a B.A. in psychology from Stanford University, is the co-author of several technical articles, and holds 7 patents relating to high-power lasers. Byer is a co-founder of Mobius Photonics.

Director of Engineering:

Manuel Leonardo is an expert in developing and building high-peak-power laser systems with highly efficient nonlinear conversion. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing ultraviolet laser systems and is one of the chief architects behind Mobius' laser technologies. Leonardo has been granted 5 patents and has co-authored several technical articles on innovative laser technologies. He earned a B.S. in physics from San Jose State University. Leonardo is a co-founder of Mobius Photonics.

Senior Scientist:

Gregory Keaton is one of the chief architects behind Mobius Photonics' laser technologies and has been responsible for many key upgrades to the original G-series design. He has designed fiber lasers that generate blue and green light for projection applications, and is the inventor of a "W" fiber that enabled high-power blue fiber lasers. Keaton did postdoctoral research in theoretical physics at Virginia Tech and he earned his M.A. and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley. He has extensive education and teaching experience in theoretical particle physics and spent several years as a patent writer for San Francisco Bay Area inventors. He holds 11 patents and has authored 19 journal articles and conference papers. Keaton is a co-founder of Mobius Photonics.