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From key visible wavelengths to high pulse energy, Mobius Photonics develops fiber-based lasers with capabilities tailored for super-resolution microscopy applications.

Super-resolution microscopy is evolving quickly and microscopists are demanding new capabilities from laser sources. At the forefront of the field, scientists are imaging living, intact organisms beyond the diffraction barrier using fluorescent proteins – the green fluorescent protein (GFP), the yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) and their variants. These innovators require lasers in the visible with sufficient pulse energy to obtain resolutions on the order of tens of nanometers.*

Mobius has developed fiber-based laser systems with proven specifications for far-field imaging on the nanoscale*†. Our unique systems provide intense light at discrete wavelengths in a spectral range critical for de-exciting fluorescent markers, particularly workhorse fluorescent proteins. They also feature repetition rates high enough to allow fast imaging.

To learn more about our lasers for super-resolution microscopy, please contact sales@mobiusphotonics.com.


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